Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Living Oxymoron...

Oxymoron: A figure of speech in which two contradictory terms appear together for emphasis, for example, "deafening silence".

Yes I have always called myself an oxymoron, have referred to me as the Simple Complexity. Anyone who knows me knows why. I can handle chaos better than just about anyone I know, and yet I crave calm. Yet when I get calm I find myself very bored, or even ansty waiting for the next round of chaos.

Don’t like a lot of people around and yet I hate being alone.

Don’t like a lot of noise, but can only listen to music if it’s loud.

The list is endless.

In this blog you will find personal ramblings, gripes, venting session about the little intricacies of life that really piss me off… or emotional moments that touch me. Anything that doesn’t really fit in the writing realm of my other blog…

Welcome to my world…

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